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“Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Game Design Wiki

“Team Metazord”
Dale Schollen
Richard Coburn
Ian Longiaru
Valerio Terreri

Version 1.5, by Ian.

Wiki Revision History

Wiki Change History

Version Date Edit
1.0 May 28th, 2014 Wiki Created, Front page created, Concept Document.
1.1 June 2nd, 2014 Template: Infobox Character created, Apex Predator created.
1.2 June 3rd, 2014 The Colonist created.
1.3 June 5th, 2014 The Colonist content update, Unreal Units created.
1.4 June 7th, 2014 Prototype Templates created.
1.5 June 8th, 2014

Division of content from Concept Document article, to separate articles across the wiki. (Created Articles: Concept, Controls, Design Philosophies, Noah, Target Market, and Competitive Analysis) Front page update. Wiki Revision History, Wiki Table of Contents created. Wiki Navigation updated. Camera page created.

1.6 June 12th, 2014 Accelerated Rail Cannon created.
1.7 June 14th, 2014 Apex Predator updated. Soundtrack created.

Wiki Table of Contents

Game Concept Document

Game Design Document

Game Concept Document


  All Pages All Images

Conceptual Marks

Concept Camera Controls


Design Philosophies Unreal Engine 4


   Setting Overview    Full Game Paper Plan Scripted Sequences


    The Colonist   Noah     Apex Predator  


Accelerated Rail Cannon


   Soundtrack   Sound Effects

User Interface

Heads Up Display         Screen Flow   


     Target Market      Competitive Analysis

Team Metazord

Dale Schollen Richard Coburn Ian Longiaru Valerio Terreri

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